Thursday, December 14, 2006

Russia no longer murders spies: KGB veteran

They call it forced retirement.

The head of an organization of former Russian spies was quoted as saying on Thursday Moscow abandoned its policy of assassinating enemies long ago, and that Alexander Litvinenko was probably murdered by criminals.

Of course, criminals who have the means to obtain a highly radioactive poison that has to be constructed in a nuclear facility. Guess those Meth labs are more hi-tech than we originally anticipated.

Former KGB agent Valentin Velichko said fellow former agent Litvinenko, who died in London on November 23 from radiation poisoning, was a traitor but was not killed by Moscow.

Moscow hired someone to do it.

"That was long ago. It belonged to the days of Stalin," Velichko, head of the Veterans of Foreign Intelligence, told Die Welt newspaper in an interview. Millions died under the rule of dictator Josef Stalin.

If there's one thing I've learned about politics it's that the more time passes, the more everything stays the same. This world hasn't really changed much since the 1940's.


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