Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Saddam Hussein trial hears of gas attack

Lucky for you guys, I don't do fart jokes.

The first prosecution witness has appeared at the latest trial of former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein and six others on war crimes charges.

I forgot all about that mockery of democratic justice. I'm just thankful that no one there speaks English cause then it'd be all over my television.

The witness described a chemical weapons attack which he says was carried out on his village.

"It was bad"

"People were vomiting... We were blinded. We were screaming. There was no one to save us, only God."

Oh yeah, how'd he do?

Up to 180,000 civilians were killed.

I guess God hates you huh?

The witness, Ali Mustapha Hama, said eight to 12 jets bombed his village of Balisan in April in 1987. The explosions were not very loud, Ali Mustapha Hama said. There was greenish smoke, and minutes later, a smell like rotten apples or garlic.

I hear that's actually an improvement to what Iraq normally smells like.


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