Friday, August 18, 2006

Immigrant Takes Refuge in Chicago Church

Smart. Obliviously this person has discovered our governments only weakness. Holy ground.

Immigration activists around the country are taking up the cause of a single mother who invoked the ancient principle of sanctuary and took refuge in a Chicago church rather than submit to deportation to Mexico.

The US Constitution prohibits the mixture between Church and State. If the Church is going to give sanctuary to an illegal immigrant which is a State issue, it moves the Church into the area of meddling with law, therefore, the Church should pay taxes. Bam! I just kicked it up a notch. Your move holy man!

Elvira Arellano, 31, was holed up for a second day Wednesday at Aldalberto United Methodist Church with the support of the congregation's pastor. With her was her 7-year-old son, Saul, an American citizen.

Good thing this isn't Texas. They'd burn her out.

Federal officials said there is no right to sanctuary in a church under U.S. law and nothing to prevent them from arresting her. But they would not say exactly what they planned to do, or when.

You are breaking US law. If this person where a rapist or a murderer or a thief or even just had unpaid parking tickets it'd be tear gas through stained glass. I love people's sense of entitlement. Why can't they just become citizens legally? What is so fucking difficult about it? Does it involve some sort of horrible act like beastiality or necrophilia or something? Jeez, just get a fucking green card and shut up. Can't get into Disneyland for free so why should the country be any different?


Blogger f.b.i.t.c. said...

If the Methodist Pastor wants to support her, let him, just don't place the fucking burden on the state.

See how long he 'supports' her then.

August 22, 2006 5:23 AM  

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