Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Indian premier calls for end to killing of unborn girls

It was a good run but it's time the fun stopped.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh called on parents in India to stop seeing girls as an economic liability and to end the practice of killing unborn female foetuses.

That's crazy, seeing little girls as an economic liability. You could always sell them into prostitution.

Singh's appeal on India's 59th Independence Day came four days after the grisly discovery of 25 female foetuses from a private clinic in northern Punjab state, which has the country's lowest sex ratio due to rampant female foeticide.

What's a low sex ratio? Sounds like marriage.

"We have a dream of an India in which every woman can feel safe, secure and empowered. Where our mothers, sisters and daughters are assured a life of dignity and personal security," he added.

Where children can be born into poverty and cause a financial strain so great the entire family starves to death. This, is my dream.

Girls in India are often considered a liability as parents have to put away large sums of money for dowries at the time of their marriage.

And all that makeup and those Barbie dolls. They also require food and water and you have to walk them at least once a day. Plus, I hear they have no penises. I mean, why not get rid of women. Sure, I see no downside to that. Get rid of women and we all can breed with sheep, the way God intended.

Many grooms demand dowry well beyond the means of families of their spouse -- demands which often result in the killing of newly-married women.

" If I am to marry your daughter, I will need you to bring me a moon rock, a three headed cockroach and the wings of a dragon."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

is this the "I had a dream speech"
but it was to knock off the first born wait! was that the angel of death job ... gee! I hate to be around when it's dating time, just think of all those blowup dolls

August 17, 2006 2:29 PM  

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