Thursday, August 24, 2006

Injured woman drowns under rescue boat

From the "Life is Ironic" section of the local newspaper.

A rescue boat crew made several unsuccessful attempts to free an injured woman when their boat capsized on the Connecticut River yesterday, authorities said. The woman was trapped underneath and drowned.

Great rescue team. As an encore I hear they save people from burning buildings and then light them on fire.

Virginia Yates, 64, of Rockingham, Vt., was stepping on a dock when she slipped Tuesday, injured her head, and fell into the river, said Sergeant Craig Morrocco of the Fish and Game Department.

"Don't worry Mrs. Yates, the rescue team is on it's way."

A fire and rescue crew from Cornish brought Yates onto their brand-new, flat-bottomed airboat and strapped her onto a backboard. But as the boat headed to a waiting ambulance at a landing, it started taking on water and capsized, Morrocco said.

So basically they took her out into deeper water and finished the job nature intended.

``She was strapped to the backboard, and she was strapped into a gurney," a standard precautionary measure, said Sullivan County Attorney Marc Hathaway.

Oh that had to suck.


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