Thursday, August 24, 2006

Judge to Rule if 'Meowing' Is Harassment

The first person to take a cat to court is getting punched in the jaw.

A Pennsylvania district judge has been asked to decide whether that word is a harmless taunt or grounds for misdemeanor harassment. Jeannette police charged a 14-year-old boy for "meowing" whenever he sees his neighbor, 78-year-old Alexandria Carasia.

Since when did being immature become a crime. Hey Alexandria, after 78 years on this planet haven't you learned that kids are stupid? You'd think someone that age would have better things to preoccupy their thoughts. Like trying not to die.

The boy's mother said the family got rid of their cat after Carasia complained to police that it used her flower garden as a litter box.

Oh good, a 78 year old grump. Personally, if you made me give up my cat I'd throw you down a flight of stairs. Consider yourself lucky the kid's just meowing at you.

The boy testified Tuesday that he only meowed at the woman twice. Carasia testified, "Every time he sees me, he meows."

Freedom of speech. I can meow at anyone I want. Perhaps it should be a crime to waste tax payers money by bringing stupid shit like this to the judge. Or maybe, after 78 years on Earth, you should have thicker skin about it.


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