Thursday, August 24, 2006

Chinese AIDS patient beaten while pleading for government help

I'll teach you to get sick!!

A Chinese woman who contracted HIV during hospital surgery said she was attacked while she and other patients pleaded with the government for compensation.

Why you would want to attack an AIDS patient is beyong me. They're infected.

Wang Qiuyun, 38, said a security guard at the central Chinese city of Hebi in Henan province threw her against some stairs and kicked her in the abdomenon Wednesday after she and three other female patients insisted on seeing the mayor.

That's how they say "Mayor busy" in China. Good thing they weren't saying "You go now!" or it would have gotten bloody.

The guard picked up a broom and threaten to beat her but was stopped by the other sufferers and guards.

Sometimes you just have one of those days at work and need to beat a woman suffering from a terminal diagnosis.

Wang said she was infected in the largest hospital in the city of 1.4 million people during surgery in the 1990s, but she was unclear whether it was the surgery to remove a stomach tumor or to give birth.

Does it really matter?

"The courts should accept my case," Wang said. "I also want to know what the government policy is towards people like us."

Well apparently the policy is to beat the crap out of you, threaten you with a broom and send you on your way. Here's some advice. Enjoy the rest of your life. Go see and do the things you always wanted to. Go somewhere that you won't be beaten sensless, like, shit, I can't think of anywhere. Antartica perhaps.


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