Saturday, July 29, 2006

Fox 5's Jodi Applegate Blows Her Cool

This was classic.

'GOOD Day New York" anchor Jodi Applegate had an on-air meltdown yesterday when a pair of Internet pranksters simulated an unexpected power-tool mishap on the live show.

The guys faked a serious power tool mishap involving a power saw, some ketchup and a man clutching his throat, all on Live TV. Instead of having a good sense of humor, Applegate goes nutty and apologizes to the children and people of America and pleas with them not to get upset and tells the pranksters that "We were trying to do a serious thing here, and this is not funny." She also told the jokesters that "children are watching."

So here's what's been killing me about this. If children are watching the news, shouldn't there be an apology after every single fucking segment? Like when a man attacks strangers on a subway with a power saw or a man kills and eats his girlfriend or dresses like a fireman in order to rape unsuspecting women. These are the things of nightmares.

Hate to break this to you Applegate but there are no children watching. They're watching cartoons, or playing outside or a video game, that's why children are so innocent-minded and to them, the world is perfect. Cause they don't watch your bullshit yet.

Watch the video here.


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