Thursday, July 13, 2006

China, Russia Submit Draft on N.Korean Missile Crisis

Look at all the spelling mistakes.

China and Russia are taking a hard line on Iran, but a soft line on North Korea. Their mixed messages will send the wrong signal to Pyongyang.

Hard line of Iran? Since fucking when?

China and Russia on Wednesday circulated at the U.N. Security Council a draft resolution that expresses "serious concern" over the July 5 multiple missile launches by North Korea.

Yeah, countries launching missiles into the sea next to other countries is usually cause for at least some concern.

But the China-Russia resolution has many problems in comparison with a draft resolution proposed jointly by eight countries including Japan and the United States.The eight countries' resolution obliges North Korea and the other member states of the United Nations to prevent the proliferation of missiles, but the China-Russia text only calls upon all the members of the world body to do so.

Whatever. I really feel bad for Japan in all of this. First the US nukes them, then Mothra, now North Korea. Will they ever live in peace?


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