Thursday, July 13, 2006

350 detained over Bombay train bombings

Have you ever noticed the interesting way middle eastern and southern Asia countries go about finding the purpertrators of terrorist attacks? First, they blame every single group of people they don't like. Then, they arrest everyone then see. Then, through a process of elimination, usually involving sharp objects and fire, they narrow down their suspects until, like a lottery, they find the ones they decide are guilty.

Indian authorities named two suspects Thursday in this week's train bombings, an apparent breakthrough in the frenetic investigations into the well-coordinated attacks that killed at least 200 people.
Could you imagine a coordinated terrorist attack involving 350 people? Shit, I can't even get a good 3 on 3 on the basketball court without one of my other two teamates fucking something up.

The government's Anti-Terror Squad released photos of young, lightly bearded men identified as Sayyad Zabiuddin and Zulfeqar Fayyaz, said Sunil Mane, an anti-terror official.

So none of the 350 are the 2 you're looking for? That's a really bad ratio guys.


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