Friday, May 26, 2006

Blair Calls for World Unity on Iraq

Now they want world unity.

British Prime Minister Tony Blair called Friday for more international support for an Iraq struggling to emerge as a democratic state, after joining President Bush in somberly admitting far-reaching mistakes there.

It takes a big man to admit their mistakes. However, after thousands die because of said mistake, saying oops somehow just doesn't fucking cover it.

"If Iraqis can show their faith in democracy by voting for it, shouldn't we show ours by supporting them?" Blair asked.

Good question. And I do support Iraqis right to democracy, from right here in my living room. I'm a distance-cheerleader.

"The war split the world," Blair, a rare ally of the president in going to war, acknowledged in his speech.

Well, it split the US and Britain from the rest of the world. Everyone else is pretty much united on hating us.


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