Saturday, March 18, 2006

Iran, US Disagree Over Goal of Talks

Well, if we can't even agree on what we're going to talk about it leaves little hope for any progress made by talking.

America says it wants to discuss Tehran's meddling in Iraq, while the Islamic Republic asserts it wants to work to get foreign troops out.

I want to talk about the outrageous prices of housing these days.

A day after raising international hopes by agreeing to hold direct talks about stabilizing Iraq, U.S. and Iranian officials Friday took a decidedly sharper tone toward each other, differing markedly over the purpose of their planned discussions.

God forbid we raise international hopes. Can't have that now. There is no hope. There's no peace. There is only war and death and know, I think doing this news thing everyday is starting to tamper with my naturally sunny disposition.

U.S. officials accused Iran of meddling in Iraq's internal affairs and said the discussions were aimed only at expressing American unhappiness over the interference. In Tehran, a senior official said Iran's goal in meeting with the Americans was to accelerate the U.S. departure from Iraq.

Sounds like we already kind of had the talks in a round-about way no?


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