Friday, December 30, 2005

46 Guantanamo detainees join hunger strike

Yeah, that only works when people DON'T want you to die.

The US military said yesterday that a long-running hunger strike among detainees at the Guantanamo Bay prison underwent a ''very significant increase" starting on Christmas Day, more than doubling the number of prisoners who are protesting their indefinite detention without trial by refusing to eat.

Most of the prisoners were arrested in Afghanistan or Pakistan on suspicion of being supporters of Al Qaeda and the Taliban, and they have been held for four years without trials. what do you do? If they're not Al-Qaeda or Taliban, then we are wrongly imprisoning innocent people. But if we let them go now, they most likely will join Al-Qaeda and the Taliban because they'll hate us for imprisoning them so long without trial.
But if they are Al-Qaeda or Taliban now, then we are doing the right thing.

Seems there is no easy answer to this. There's been numerous reports of us releasing detainees who only pick up where they left off and start terror cells for Al-Qaeda or continue their jihad. Do we really want to let these people back into the world. But we don't want to hold people wrongly accused.

No easy answer. How bout this, hold a trial. What's wrong with giving these people their day in court? But implant tracking devices into the people set free, you know, while they're sleeping or something. That way, we can track them down and see what they're up too. If in a certain amount of time they behave themselves, we can remove the device. You know, like a futuristic sort of parole. Oh! Oh! And we can make them wear explosive collars like in the movie Running Man with Arnie Schwarzenegger in it and if they get to close to explosives their head explodes.

Oh man, someone needs to put me in charge.


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fuck them! you really cares

January 04, 2006 11:50 AM  

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