Monday, November 28, 2005

'Naked rituals' at Royal Marines

Brings a whole new light to the idea of "standing at attention" don't it?

As if the rest of the world wasn't weary enough of western culture, Britain's Ministry of Defence announced it has launched an investigation into violent bullying and bizarre naked initiation ceremonies within the ranks of the Royal Marines.

You ever wonder if the rest of the world's right and there is something seriously wrong with the whole "left to our own freedom" thing. Maybe we need the threat of violence and strict Islamic rule to keep us from doing the crazy shit that seems so natural to our species.

My mother told me something that will always stick with me, especially because I figured by the age of nine or ten it would no longer apply. How wrong I was. She said, "Son, you never want to be part of a club if it means you have to take your clothes off."


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