Monday, November 28, 2005

Aid workers feared kidnapped in Iraq


I understand the Iraqi people are going through hard times and I feel for the families affected and I feel slightly responsible, for some odd reason but I also would enjoy not having my head sawed off with a machette.

Four humanitarian workers have been kidnapped in Iraq. Two Canadians and a Briton were taken, along with another person believed to be an American, officials said.

I've even thought about how nice it would be to get those large bounties the US is offering on some of those Al-Qaida guys heads and then I remember, hey, they decapitate people over there and I go to work instead. I hope all four of those people kidnapped are returned safe and sound to their families and everything but, it wouldn't happen if you kept your ass home.

The only way I'm going to Iraq is armed with a flamethrower, explosives, at least four machine guns and some sort of magical device that when I click it I'm transported instantly to the Playboy Mansion.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

after a long holiday, these are great for a monday morning

November 28, 2005 7:18 AM  

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