Thursday, November 24, 2005

Gary Glitter to be jailed for four more months

Last thing you want to do in prison is glitter.

Gary Glitter may be detained in Vietnam for another four months while claims that he had sex with under-age girls are investigated by police. The ex-singer has denied accusations of having under-age sex with two girls, one aged 12, say police in Vietnam.

Glitter you should know better. The only pop singer this world allows to mistreat children is Michael Jackson and that's because he's got enough problems without us putting him in prison. No one wants to throw that straw onto the camel's back. That's going to be four months of fun for Glitter. He looks like the type of guy that gets really popular amongst other inmates. The "Glam Rock" days are over Gary, take the makeup off. I always knew there was something not right with all those boy bands that looked like girl bands and sang about love and feelings. I was right. I'm always right.

If Glitter is found guilty, he could face anything from a lengthy prison term to death by firing squad.
I say shoot him. I think most of those "Glam Rock" guys should be shot anyway.


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