Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Chemical blast in northeast China contaminates major river

Man, and Chinese food makes me thirsty. They're in a heap of trouble over there. Now we can add China to a long list of countries in which you can't drink the water. (yes...America is becoming one of them)

An explosion at a chemical plant in northeastern China 10 days ago caused contamination in a major river more than 100 times above national safety levels, environmental authorities said. As a precaution, maybe we as a world should move our Chemical Plants away from major rivers just in case, you know, this happens.

After the blast at the chemical plant the monitoring station in Jilin found that benzene went into the river and polluted the water. Benzene levels were 108 times above national safety levels. I'm guessing that's bad. What's Benzene?

Benzene is a carcinogen that can be lethal if someone is exposed to high levels, even in short doses. Yup, that's bad.

The EPA admitted that the chemical slick could be extremely dangerous to people who came into contact with it. Avian Flu, Chemical Plant explosions, the discount rates on a trip to China have got to be at an all time best. I'm calling my travel agent.


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