Monday, November 21, 2005

Mom-to-be calls unborn a passenger

A pregnant woman ticketed for driving in the carpool lane will have her day in court next month to argue that her unborn child counts as a second person in the car. "I understand the reasoning for the HOV lane," said Candace Dickinson, 23. "But whether my son is in a car seat versus in my stomach, I don’t get it. It’s the same thing."

I'm all for trying to get out of a ticket and, hey, she's got a point. So, Miss Dickinson, let me ask. Do you pay for two at the movies? How many are you when you make a dinner reservation? If a pregnant woman shoplifts, is the unborn child an accomplice?

If your son can't shit himself when you get cut off on the highway and have to swerve uncontrollably to avoid an accident, he isn't in the car. I'll agree he's a living being, but unborn means he's not of this world, so, he's not one of us just yet.

You know, it's illegal to have an infant in the front seat of an automobile.


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