Monday, November 21, 2005

Mall shooting suspect surrenders

The 20-year-old suspect in a Seattle shopping mall shooting spree and hostage-taking told friends via text messaging he wanted the world to feel his anger. News flash for you, the world isn't feeling your anger. No one is really feeling your anger cause you went about it the wrong way. Want the world to know you're angry? Do something like what I'm doing. Use your voice, not a gun. All that does is prove you're capable of hurting other people which makes you not worth listening to.

Dominick Maldonado was being held Monday on six counts of assault and three counts of kidnapping, in lieu of $450,000 bail after the incident midday Sunday. Of the six shooting victims, one was listed in critical condition at Tacoma General Hospital suffering from multiple gunshot wounds, the Seattle Times reported. School shootings and now mall shootings. It's just not safe to go outside anymore. Last thing I need is to get shot while I'm dishing out hard earned money for an over-priced piece of shit my daughter don't need anyway.
And who text messages their friends before going on the rampage? Jeez, if you just wanted attention you could have done something to benefit all of us and drank some insecticide.


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