Sunday, November 20, 2005

Sunday Sign of Hope 11/20/05

Al-Zarqawi's Jordan family renounces him

Family members of Jordanian-born Abu Musab al-Zarqawi renounced the terrorist leader Sunday after his al-Qaida in Iraq group claimed responsibility for the Nov. 9 suicide attacks on three Amman hotels that killed 59 people.

No commentary, no sarcastic remarks...just a deep breath and a little piece of news that may give us hope for the future. One piece, every Sunday. It's the Sunday Sign of Hope.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

bush is ultimately responsible for all bombings. He should have stayed with the patriotic mission in Afghanistan, instead of the lies that got us into Iraq.


November 21, 2005 6:52 AM  
Blogger A Mad Man said...

Is the bliss nice?

Blaming Bush for all bombings following the the Iraq war is like blaming me for causing all the mindless opinions people post.

November 21, 2005 7:38 AM  

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