Monday, November 21, 2005

PETA Scares the shit out of Children

In one of the most sickening moves made by a fanatical group of people with apparently nothing better to do with their time but emotionally scar our young, PETA activists, some dressed as cute and cuddly animal friends, are handing out comic books to young children entitled Your Daddy Kills Animals and Your Mommy Kills Animals.

I am against the killing of animals for so-called "sport" but I do eat fish and meat. That's what I use my canine teeth for when I'm not popping the cap off a beer bottle with them or puncturing the jugular vein of a young virgin woman late at night to drink her youth-giving blood and escaping to my coffin before sunrise. I agree that children should be taught about vegetarian's, but, that's the job of their parents, not the job of PETA and not to be taught using scare tactics.

Other than going overboard in order to receive some time in the public eye, I can't think of one good reason PETA can give to justify these comics. Saying that a child's mommy and daddy are blood-thirsty murderous maniacs bent on destroying every cuddly animal they see to try to coerce them from eating meat is like chopping a man's hands off to stop him from picking his nose.
Killing animals for food is the circle of nature that has kept us alive since we lived in caves and consummated our marriages with a big stick. We are meat eaters by nature. I don't eat grass. I don't know anyone who does. Well, actually, I do, but that's just one person and he had a bad experience with some acid a few years ago.
How can you say there is a difference between a bear snatching a salmon out of the river to eat it alive and a man who fishes to feed his family? Food chain baby. We're all animals at the core. (some more prominent than others)

Honestly, I think shooting an animal, cutting it's head off, and hanging it on the wall in the living room is a bit barbaric. But so is handing out comics to impressionable children that might induce a fear in them of the only people in the world who truly care about them. Shame on you PETA. You may think meat eaters are evil people but so are people pushing scare tactics on the young to further their cause. You are fanatical.

And how come there's no comic books calling out people who squish those ugly spiders or silverfish? Why do we always stop at insects?


Blogger f.b.i.t.c. said...

I remember some 'God' comic books as a kid, brought to England from you guys across the water - and jeez they freaked me out, badly. PETA has just added colour to what the church has been up to for the last 25 plus years. When I say freaked I mean freaked, there were gang killings, murder, rape, the whole 9 yards and then all the killers got to the pearly gates and were cast into hell after an awful series of flashbacks and scary evil faces crammed into the frame. Not what a young teenager wants to read on his visit to the Christian Bookshop.

Fuckin' loons.

January 25, 2006 7:19 AM  

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