Friday, February 08, 2008

Bhutto killed by blast, not a bullet, Scotland Yard concludes

Does it really matter?

Scotland Yard waded into the controversy around Benazir Bhutto's death yesterday when it released a report supporting the official explanation of how the opposition leader was killed.

Just what the west needs, another reason for the Islamic world to be mad at us.

After a month-long investigation based largely on x-rays and video evidence, British investigators concluded that Bhutto was killed by a bomb blast and not, as is widely believed in Pakistan, by an assassin's bullet.

So we've changed the cause of death for murder by gunshot to murder by bomb blast. Good, now, how about finding out who did it? Or, actually, I think we all know who did it, how about just finding them?

But their findings were rejected by Bhutto's party, the Pakistan People's party, which insists that Bhutto was felled by gunfire as she stood in her bulletproof jeep after a rally in Rawalpindi on December 27. "She died from a bullet injury. This was and is our position," said spokeswoman Sherry Rehman.

After all, they would know, with all their high-tech scientific equipment and foresic expertise.

A lawyers' leader, Aitzaz Ahsan, said the report could only be "speculative" because the crime scene had been scrubbed clean by officials within hours of her death.

Sounds like a shitty job.


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