Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Make all staff exercise for an hour, says top health adviser

Great, like I didn't fucking dread going to work enough already.

A radical plan to improve the nation's health - including a workplace "exercise hour" - has been unveiled by a leading Government adviser in the UK.

I've never been happier to be an American. I wake up, drag my ass out of bed and practically crawl to the shower. I then drive with my eyes half open to sit behind a desk all day dealing with morons that I would love nothing more than to lock in a trunk and dump into the Atlantic. Then I have to deal with a boss who's IQ is at best equal to or a little less then her ancestor that crawled out of the fucking sea and now you want me to work out for an hour. Fuck you.

New figures today show England is the fattest country in the EU. Now Professor Julian Le Grand, chairman of Health England, hopes to encourage people to improve their diets, give up smoking and exercise more.

You've got a better chance of convincing the Middle East to relax.

He proposed the introduction of a smoking permit, which smokers would be required to show each time they bought tobacco.

All that's going to do is make the mafia more money with something else to sell on the black market.

It is then their choice to go smoke free and not buy a permit.

If you really think that smokers won't go get a permit if that means they can't smoke without one you've obviously lost your grip on reality.

Companies with more than 500 staff would have an " exercise hour". Employees would have to deliberately choose not to join in.

Sounds tough.
"Hey, want to excerise?"
"Fuck no."
And that's that.


Blogger f.b.i.t.c. said...

I'm supposed to do a 'fitness test' once a year - have I, fuck no! And had official bollokings for it.

Do you think I'm going to take this shit up?

Fuck no!! They'd better start paying me a shitload more, and get the Minogue sisters to be my personal coaches.

Then I'll work out for as long as I can, every day, as many times a day as I can manage, until I die a very happy man.

Michelle Trachtenberg would do to.

October 29, 2007 7:31 AM  

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