Saturday, October 13, 2007

Vatican bars gay priest for "anonymous" TV confession

After all, why would the Vatican approve of confession?

The Vatican has suspended a senior priest in the Holy See who acknowledged homosexual relations in a supposedly anonymous television interview, but was identified by superiors from background shots of his office.

Guess we should update that whole "black-dotted face" idea huh.

In a major embarrassment for the Roman Catholic Church's hierarchy, Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi said on Saturday the monsignor, whose name was not released, was suspended from duty pending an internal investigation.

I'm not sure how they plan on investigating homosexual relations but if they're going to use rubber gloves I forsee more suspensions.

Local media identified him as a senior figure in a Vatican department which oversees matters relating to priesthood and said he also made regular appearances on Vatican television.

Hypocrits everywhere.

The Catholic Church does not consider homosexual tendencies sinful in themselves but condemns homosexual acts and teaches that priests should adhere to their vow of celibacy.

What the fuck are homosexual tendencies? Is that like touching a penis every once in a while?

The priest appeared on a TV documentary with three other clerics, all with their faces and voices distorted to protect their identities, to talk about their homosexuality.

Except they did the interviews in their office with their nameplates right behind them on their desks.

He told "La 7" TV he "did not feel in sin" for being gay but preferred anonymity "to avoid being reprimanded by my superiors, given the current firm position of Catholic doctrine regarding priestly celibacy and homosexuality".

Guess you should have kept your mouth shut. See what happens when you confess?


Blogger f.b.i.t.c. said...

Internal Investigations, firm positions! Jeez, sounds like the Catholic Church is full of contradictions about celibacy.

Fuck them all I say.

Also, a point to note, Don't do 'Anonymous' interviews from your own FUCKING OFFICE you retard - it makes it too easy to figure out who you are!!!


I feel better now.

October 17, 2007 2:53 AM  

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