Friday, September 14, 2007

Sunni tribes vow to avenge murder of pro-US leader

No better way to start off the holy month than avenging a murder.

SUNNI Arab tribes in the western Iraqi province of Anbar yesterday vowed to avenge the death of their leader Abdul Sattar Abu Reesha, the sheik who inspired the Sunni uprising against al-Qa'ida and was killed in a bomb attack near his home this week.

Al-qaeda in Iraq is sure losing friends fast. You have to wonder why we don't see more of this in the news.

Abu Reesha, 36, was the leader of the so-called Anbar Awakening, the grassroots revolt in which Sunnis joined forces with the US military to expel from swaths of western Iraq al-Qa'ida terrorists who had imposed a Taliban-style rule of terror.

Sunni militants joining forces with the US against al-qaeda? That sounds like good news. How come this isn't all over the papers. After all, Americans do WANT our forces to prevail in Iraq. Don't they?


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