Thursday, May 17, 2007

Hostage escapes after 9 years in captivity

It took nine years for the hostage-takers to forget to lock his door.

A Colombian police officer held hostage by leftist guerrillas for almost nine years has escaped after slipping from his captors and fleeing through the jungle for more than a fortnight.

Fortnight? I was unaware people still talked like that.
"He traveled many moons..."

Jhon Frank Pinchao walked, swam and crawled for 17 days through the dense Amazonian rainforest before running into a counter-narcotics patrol on Wednesday.

"Hey it's Jhon. Where the fuck you been man? You missed an awesome party last Saturday."

Exhausted, emaciated and tearful, the policeman told how he had been held by guerrillas of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or Farc, in a jungle camp alongside three American intelligence contractors and a French-Colombian former presidential candidate.

Where are they and how come you didn't take them with you?

They are among about 60 hostages held by the Farc as bargaining chips in a hoped-for prisoner exchange with the Colombian Government.

After nine years I'm thinking that prisoner exchange ain't happening guys.

“The principal thought of every kidnap victim every second of the day is freedom,” Mr Pinchao told a press conference in Bogotá organised by the Government. “I had a chance and I took it.”

Well done. Now, back to work.


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