Saturday, May 12, 2007

Woman Survives Internal Decapitation

Not sure what an internal decapitation is but I'm sure it hurts. A LOT.

A car crash in Nebraska on Jan. 25 threw 30-year-old Shannon Malloy up against the vehicle's dashboard. In the process, her skull became separated from her spine. The clinical term for her condition is called internal decapitation.

We layman like to call that breaking your neck. But then again, that's why the docs make the big bucks. They know big words.

"I remember the impact and then I had no control over my head," said Malloy. "I wasn't focused so much on the pain. I just kept thinking, 'I have to stay alive.'"

Really? The pain of having my skull separate from my spine would probably be my priority at the time. See, you usually don't have much of a choice about whether you live or die, that's up to whoever makes those big decisions. (they make more than the docs by the way) Figuring I'm still alive and my head is dangling from my neck like a broken bobblehead, I'm still thinking the pain would really be my major concern. That and not smothering myself with the front of my shirt.

Dr. Gary Ghiselli, a chiropractor at the Denver Spine Center, said Malloy's will to survive is what saved her.

That and the fact that Mother Nature was sleeping at the time of her accident.

Five screws were drilled into Malloy's neck. Four more were drilled into her head to keep it stabilized.

Like Frankenstein.

Then a thing called a halo -- rods and a circular metal bar -- was attached for added support. It's not exactly a pain-free procedure.

Really? I would have thought an internal decapitation fix-er-up would be just like getting a band-aid.

"My skull slipped off my neck about five times. Every time they tried to screw this to my head, I would slip," said Malloy.

That's not natural. Get my pistol.

"I had a fractured skull, swollen brain stem, bleeding in my brain, GI tube in my stomach, can't swallow, and nerve damage in my eyes (because they cross)," said Malloy.

Good thing you lived.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm Shannon Malloys friend. I ran across your blog while saving newspaper articles for her. I just wanted to let you know that your blog is cruel. Does it make you feel good to make fun of Shannons situation? BTW... She can read & has a computer, did you consider that when posting?
~Twyla (Denver, CO)

May 15, 2007 8:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Twyla...I'm sorry about your friend? but if you were a regular reader of the Mad Man's Blog (which I am)you would know that he talks about most of everything with little bit of humor...that's what sets him apart and makes him enjoyable to read. I don't think he aimed it directly at her but more at doctors and the medical profession and the quality of life after something like that. Did you ever think of her "Quality of life" from now on and the selfishness of others to just have her around with that " at least she's alive attitude"

May 16, 2007 8:24 AM  
Blogger A Mad Man said...


Let me start by answering your question honestly. Did I consider that she may read my blog after her accident? No, actually, I honestly didn't. I assumed she would have more important things to do than surf the net.

As to my blog being cruel, I'm afraid it's really only cruel when someone has a personal stake in the story. I noticed you didn't post on the other pieces I've done on accidents, incidents in the Middle East or the story directly below where I made fun of a woman who sold her daughter.

The point of Damnit Earth is to bring humor to an otherwise depressing media. My intent was not to make fun of Shannon Malloy personally but the situation she was unlucky enough to find herself in and the report of it in the MSM. Keep in mind had it happened to someone else, you wouldn't have even been here nor cared to surf around and see what was being said. I take no joy from your friends misfortune.

I do have to question why you're saving newspaper clippings of her horrific accident however. I would think she would have other reminders of her incident instead of living them over and over through the media's eyes. That I find interesting. I always thought one would save newspaper clippings if the reports were something one would want to remember, you know, open a scrapbook and relive some fond memories instead of being reminded of having your head dislocated from your neck.

I'm glad you posted, prehaps in the future I'll take into consideration how my stories might make the people involved feel but probably not. That would make me a hypocrit. Since this is my outlet on my opinions it would be a disservice to alter my writing and write under constant worry I might offend.

Finally, thanks for taking the time to try and make me feel bad. I'm sorry you found the one piece of over 1000 I've done to be cruel and mean to you personally. Come back and visit sometime in about 5 days when the piece will be off the front page and maybe you won't find it so cruel. Till then, celebrate the fact your friend is alive and that you live in a country where other people don't have to.

Mad Man

Also, I don't know how good an idea it is to post your e-mail on the blog. That's just asking for worries.

May 16, 2007 10:56 AM  
Blogger f.b.i.t.c. said...

Jeez Mad Man - you must be the unlickies guy alive to offend a friend of a subject in your blog.

I for one did not find it offensive, as a matter of fact, I considered that you were rather kind to the unfortunate woman and just tried to add some humour (I'm a Brit though, I like my humour black, very black).

It could have been worse for the woman though, imagine if she ended up with the steering wheel manufacturers logo indelibly imprinted on her forehead. I'm sure that the car company would want to sue her for displaying their logo without the appropriate copyright permissions. ;-)

There you go, a bit more 'light' on an otherwise dark world.

Keep doing what you do.

TTFN old chum.


May 23, 2007 8:37 AM  

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