Saturday, May 19, 2007

Donald Trump to NBC: "You can't fire me, I quit"

How's it feel big guy?

Donald Trump, whose low-rated reality show "The Apprentice" was left off the new prime-time schedule unveiled this week by NBC, says the network can't fire him -- he quits.

Don't kid yourself Donny boy, you were fired. Pack your shit and go.

The real estate mogul issued a statement on Friday saying he has informed the U.S. television network he is "moving on from 'The Apprentice' to a major new TV venture," though he declined to elaborate.

Of course you are. Better hurry up and figure out what that "major new TV venture" is soon cause people are going to start asking questions.

But his announcement appeared to end any lingering doubt that "The Apprentice," which turned the self-styled tycoon into a television star and popularized the catch phrase, "You're fired," would be banished from NBC's airwaves next season.

Ironic isn't it.


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