Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Trapped suspects blow themselves up

Well thank you.

Three suspected suicide bombers blew themselves up after a police raid on a house in a Casablanca slum in which a fourth man was shot dead.

That should show the world just how dedicated these fanatics are to staining carpets.

Two of the men had been on the run since a raid in Fida neighbourhood in which one suspected Islamist militant was killed by police and an accomplice blew himself up after he was trapped on a roof terrace, police sources and witnesses said.

I truly hope there is an afterlife, I really do. And I hope, with every inch of my soul that it is nothing like what these nutcases think it is/ That way I get to see the look on their faces as the Jews and Christians show up in their "paradise" and giggle about how stupid it was to blow yourself up.

The four were members of a gang of up to 12 that police have been looking for since March 11, when the alleged leader of a suicide squad detonated his explosives belt in a cybercafe to stop police arresting him. Police sources said they believed the bombers had started wearing the belts all the time to stop security forces taking them alive.

You know, more criminals should adopt the "never take me alive" attitude. It saves tax dollars, legal fees, saves a lot of people time, saves paperwork which in turn helps the environment. Think of what a lovely world this would be if people like this killed themselves more often. Oh well...I'm a dreamer.


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