Thursday, February 08, 2007

Palestinians reach deal on power-sharing

First we kill one of your guys then you can kill one of our guys and will we continue on in said manner.

Rival Palestinian factions signed a power-sharing accord aimed at ending months of bloodshed Thursday, agreeing that the Islamic militant group Hamas would head a new coalition government that would "respect" past peace agreements with Israel.

Not to sound negative about this but I've had farts that have lasted longer than this will.

However, the United States and Israel have demanded the new government explicitly renounce violence, recognize Israel and agree to uphold past peace accords.

Why are we involved in this? It's almost like my government likes being hated by Palestinians.

"Israel expects a new Palestinian government to respect and accept all three of the international community principles — recognition of Israel, acceptance of all former agreements and renunciation of all terror and violence," Israeli government spokeswoman Miri Eisin told The Associated Press after the accord was announced.

I thought the three international community principles where hating America, corruption of power and making sure you use your own people to make a personal fortune.

She would not say whether Israel believes the guidelines of the new government fulfill those demands.

Great so you have a Israeli WOMAN telling Palestinians what to do. That's going to work out great.


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OH! just the same old shit on a different day

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