Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Mysterious Devices Cause Boston Panic

One day while I was working, the police pulled into our buildings parking lot like there was a hostage situation I was unaware of. Watching closely by the window, I spied the officers, covered in bomb squad gear, approach a suspicious garbag bag on the side of the building. Seems that one of the employees saw the suspicious garbage bag and phoned the authorities to report the suspicious package. I held my breath while the package was investigated and confirmed to contain...garbage. See, there was work being down to the roof and the garbage was foolishly being placed into garbage bags. I have a feeling that's more likely what is happening here.

Boston police are investigating several mysterious devices found Wednesday throughout the city, whose presence gripped the entire city. While Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick labeled bomb threats that accompanied the devices a "hoax," bomb squads remained cautious as they investigated the wired devices that resembled circuit boards, the Boston Herald reported.

Computer garbage mistaken for bombs? That's reasonable. But you forget, this is America, and nothing in America can happen without extreme stupidity being involved. Observe.

In an e-mailed statement circulated to the media, the Cartoon Network, owned by Time Warner, acknowledged placing several devices containing magnetic lighting circuitry along Boston's major thoroughfares are as part of a promotional campaign of its animated show "Aqua Teen Hunger Force." The network added it was sorry for confusion the devices caused.

Interesting commerical. Maybe we should have some staged hostage situations to promote the show "24" or even better, Fox has that show "Jail Break" let's let some of those prisoners out to boost ratings.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

it was a light brite! and were did they think they hide the explosives.
leave it to Boston to over react

February 01, 2007 2:22 PM  

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