Saturday, January 27, 2007

Tens of Thousands March Against Iraq War

They'll need a lot of port-a-potties.

Convinced this is their moment, tens of thousands in Washington marched Saturday in an anti-war demonstration linking military families, ordinary people and an icon of the Vietnam protest movement in a spirited call to get out of Iraq.

In this "war on terror" we must realize that the face of our planet has changed and most probably on a permenant basis. Do I agree with the Iraq war? No, I'd have to say I don't anymore. At one time I was very much for the Iraq war. I was still angry about Sept. 11th and I believed what my government told me. While I'm still angry about Sept. 11th, moreso than most people I know who seem to have VERY short memories, I can't help but see this "war on terror" for what it really is. This is Islam's crusades. Almost all religions at one time or another have a period of time where they think the rest of the world should believe what they believe. It's the "one true religion" idea. It doesn't work.
Pakistan's providing refuge for the Taliban, al-qaeda leadership is still operational, Iran's going to blow something up at some point and Iraq is a mess. What Islam doesn't understand is this. While I don't believe we will ever strike down fanatical Islam, they don't realize that Islam will never be a globally accepted faith. Just as they fight to protect their beliefs, the other faiths will do the same. There are two things in this world people will die for, faith and money.
Do I think we should cut and run in Iraq? No. Why? Maybe it's a sense of pride in my country but moreso I think that if we do, we've caused irreversible harm to a region that is already off-the-charts out of control. This needs to be treated for what it is and that is a World War. Until other western countries and non-Islamic states realize that this is not between the US and Islam and start getting involved, we postpone the inevitable. If the US was out of Iraq, would terror stop? If the US was destroyed tomorrow, would suicide bombers stay out of the subway systems in London, stop rioting in the streets of Paris, stop bombing Madrid, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, Israel? Do you think that Australia, Italy, Germany would cease to be targets of terrorism? Is the Iraq war wrong? Yeah, probably. But if you think for a second that the Iraq war or the ousting of the Taliban in Afghanistan created terrorism one only has to look to the past. It's been there, was always there. They were the skirmishes before the war.
Whehter you are for the war or against the war, the war is on and it's not stopping anytime soon. So you can march and protest and scream and shout all you want. Hell, I hope we do get out of Iraq soon. I would love to see our troops come home. Unfortunately, they'll be needed soon enough, somewhere else where Muslim fanatics are blowing stuff up. It's a shame people won't realize that until something horrible happens. Again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bush, doesn't give a shit what congress or the american people think, do you really think he cares what a few protesters think.
It's time to send his 2 kids to Iraq...they can serve food to the GI's...then he'll give a shit.

January 29, 2007 12:20 PM  

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