Friday, January 19, 2007

Chinese missile test prompts concerns

Why doesn't every country in the world have one collective missile test to get it all out of our systems. With any luck, an alien race may see the fireworks and Earth may become an inter-galatic tourist attraction. Think of all the alien currency. Or maybe they'll just destroy us. Either way, I'm happy.

Some Western countries and Japan are protesting China's test of an anti-satellite missile, but Beijing is denying any knowledge of the incident.

Must of been one of those random natural missiles shot into space.

The U.S., Britain, Australia, Japan and South Korea are concerned about the test, which apparently took place Jan. 11.

I'm concerned too. I have Sirius radio and if one of those missiles takes out my radio stations I'm going to be pissed.

Wire services reported that Canada had also protested, but a spokesman for the Department of Foreign Affairs could not confirm that on Friday morning.

Canada's so cute. Even when they protest, no one notices.


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