Monday, January 15, 2007

Two Saddam Aides Executed; One Beheaded

Boy, good thing we saved all those nice people in Iraq from that evil dictator. I think, with each passing day, I'm starting to see why Saddam was so damn brutal.

The Iraqi government's attempt Monday to close a chapter on Saddam Hussein's repressive regime -- by hanging two of his henchmen -- only appeared to anger many of Saddam's fellow Sunni Muslims after the former leader's half brother was decapitated on the gallows.

Murphy's law at work right there. It doesn't really matter though. I'd say Sunni's in Iraq have met their "anger limitations". If they got any angrier they would be instantly transformed into beings consisting only of pure negative energy.

A thickset Barzan Ibrahim plunged through the trap door and was beheaded by the jerk of the thick beige rope at the end of his fall, in the same the execution chamber where Saddam was hanged a little over two weeks earlier.

That means the rope was too long. Or that his neck was too weak. Or both.

A government video of the hanging, played at a briefing for reporters, showed Ibrahim's body passing the camera in a blur. The body came to rest on its chest while the severed head lay a few yards away, still wearing the black hood pulled on moments before by one of Ibrahim's five masked executioners.

Execution accomplished.

The decapitation appeared inadvertent, and Iraqi officials seemed anxious to prove they hadn't mutilated Ibrahim's remains.

Yeah but you kind of did didn't you. Maybe you shouldn't have rushed executions with Samid the janiter tying the nooses. Perhaps you should do it like we do it here in the states and just jab them repeatedly in the arm with a needle filled with deadly poisons until the vein is finally puntured and they pass into the great beyond. You know, it's more humane.

While Ibrahim's body was wrenched apart by the execution, his co-defendant, Awad Hamed al-Bandar, head of Saddam's Revolutionary court, died as expected -- swinging at the end of a rope. Both men met death at 3 a.m. wearing reddish orange prison jumpsuits.

Well the suits were just orange before the hangings.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

decapitate him! no! hang him! I just don't know what to do...and we're fighting for what!
remind me please...the animals are running the zoo.

January 18, 2007 1:43 PM  

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