Friday, January 12, 2007

Bangladesh President quits

Maybe he had a better offer.

THE US today called on the people of crisis-stricken Bangladesh to refrain from violence and adhere to the rule of law and human rights.

Please adhere to the laws of reason and common sense.

The call came after the country's President Iajuddin Ahmed buckled to massive opposition and international pressure and quit his role as head of an interim government and agreed to postpone disputed national elections.

This is truly an amazing time we are living in. It almost makes one wish for death. Every country on Earth has gone completely insane. We seem to be, as a species, de-evolving back into monkey's. It's quite a sight actually. I have a cyanide capsule ready for the minute the government figureheads start climbing trees and flinging poo.

His announcement today came hours after he declared a state of emergency in a bid to tackle worsening violence generated by opposition allegations that polls scheduled for January 22 would be rigged.

A lot of people ask, "If there was life on other planets, capable of visiting Earth, then why haven't they contacted us?". This is why.


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