Saturday, June 17, 2006

Taliban leader renounces rebels, thanks Canadians forgeting someone?

Rolled out in a wheelchair and surrounded by heavily-armed coalition soldiers, a visibly ill Mullah Mohammed Ibrahim shares his decision to support the Afghan government. "I want all Afghans to abandon hostilities," he says, "and to unite for peace."

How long did it take for us to catch the Taliban commander in the wheelchair?

Under a special Afghan-run amnesty program, called "Peace Through Strength", Ibrahim will join more than 1,500 insurgents in being repatriated into civilian life. His past crimes and associations are supposed to be forgiven.

What a great idea. This should takes years before it blows up in our faces.

Ibrahim's reputation as the "one-legged mullah" fighter is renowned. When caught riding on a motorcycle by Afghan authorities on May 19, he was already being sought after for orchestrating a spate of suicide and roadside bomb attacks on coalition convoys.

How does a one-legged man ride a motorcycle and not fall off?

"Mullah Ibrahim was not a normal Taliban," says Asadullah Khalid, Kandahar's governor, "He was a planner for all suicide and IED (bomb) attacks."

So, let me get this straight. He surrendered to the "Peace through Strength" program AFTER he was captured? Huh?

Ibrahim goes further to say he was on his way to turn himself in, and seek amnesty through the repatriation program, when he was caught.

Of course you were.

When arrested, Ibrahim was already extremely ill, suffering from a severe liver disease.

But healthy enough to ride a motorcycle. This is one of the most bullshit stories I've read in about two to three days.

It was Canadian medics who ultimately nursed Ibrahim back to health. But it was a visit with Canada's battlegroup commander, Lt. Col. Ian Hope, that convinced him to lay down his arms. "I did not question him about his connections to the Taliban, not once," Hope said. "We talked about farming, we talked about chocolate and tea."

Way to get the intell.

"I would particularly like to thank Canada, (Lt.) Col. Hope and the doctors for helping me," Ibrahim said.

Shoot him.


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