Saturday, April 15, 2006

US army buying back stolen data

Yet another headline that makes my country look like an asshole. Boy am I sure glad I woke up this morning.

The US army has paid thousands of dollars to buy back portable computer drives containing sensitive data, including names of spies, that were stolen from one of its bases in Afghanistan.

This sure should make all those spies in Afghanistan feel rather safe about helping us in the fight against terror.

A probe has been launched to find out how security was breached at the heavily guarded Bagram base, which co-ordinates the fight against the Taliban and al-Qaeda and hosts one the US army's main detention facilities.

I'm guessing it has something to do about the unquenchable greed our American culture has embraced so tightly.

Shopkeepers said the flash drives were stolen by some of the 2,000 Afghans employed as cleaners, office staff and labourers at Bagram.

Ah, using poor Afghanis as cleaning staff at a heavily guarded US base where we store sensitive security intelligence. I guess there ARE some jobs Americans just won't do.

Although workers are searched going in and out of the base, the drives are the size of a finger and can easily be concealed on a body.

Technology gets smaller and therefore easier to conceal in the rectum. I feel sorry for those thieves twenty years ago who had to hide those incredible large computer drives in their asses.


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