Saturday, April 15, 2006

Briton's Walk May End at 17,000 Miles

I'm guessing he finally got where he was going.

A British adventurer's attempt to walk around the world was in jeopardy Friday after a Russian court ordered him deported for entering the country illegally.

Well, at least it spared him the humiliation of realizing that the earth is concocted mostly of large bodies of water we like to call oceans. This "oceans" I speak of, cannot be walked upon. That leads us into tomorrows lesson called "drowning".

Russian officials told Karl Bushby he would not be permitted to return for at least another five years, a development that would end his quest, Bushby's father, Keith, told The Associated Press.

Go around.

Keith Bushby said his son, who wants to be the first person to walk around the world _ from South America to Alaska into Russia and then Europe _ would appeal.

Sometimes I get the feeling that some of the people on this planet have way too much time on their hands.


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