Thursday, April 13, 2006

Google defends censorship practices in China, praises Beijing

Google is a corporation. You can't expect them to have ethics and morals. Say this with me. Corporations are evil. They want money. They don't care who they have to crush or kill or oppress to get little green pieces of paper. Money is power. So if Google needs to censor their searches for their Chinese edition in order to make a few more million, they will, cause there's no soul involved in this transaction.

Google defended its much criticized censorship policy for China, insisting it must follow local laws, as it launched its new brand for the lucrative Internet market.

Personally, I don't care if Google censors its searches in China. I can still get those porn sites right? Good.

"We simply don't have a choice but to follow the law," chief executive officer Eric Schmidt told reporters at a launch ceremony in Beijing for the US Internet giant's new Chinese name, which translates to "Gu Ge."

When did corporations start following laws? Maybe this is a good thing though. Think about it. Corporations destroy countries. We get enough powerful corporations into China and before you know it, BAM, Chinese Idol, pizza delivery and pornography galore over there in the land of one big fucking wall.
The Silicon Valley company, whose rise as a global Internet giant was accompanied by the motto: 'Do no evil', joined the likes of Yahoo and Microsoft in bowing to China's censorship demands.

So when did censorship become evil? What do we have the FCC for then?


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