Sunday, April 16, 2006

Sunday Sign of Hope 4/16/06

Zimbabwe Red Cross scores a first on AIDS treatment preparedness

Oh, and Happy Easter as well.

From Reuters:

The long wait is now over following the graduation of 22 Red Cross HIV and AIDS care facilitators and 11 trainers who attended a three week training programme on HIV and AIDS prevention, care, treatment and support tool kit. The tool kit which is the first of its own kind in the world, gives guidance in the provision of information to community based volunteers on antiretroviral therapy and adherence to treatment.

“This took kit gives comprehensive information on HIV and AIDS and the use of treatment in the community,” says Patrick Couteau, the Federation’s ART resource mobilization delegate for east and southern Africa.

The tool kit is made up of eight modules and provides a wide spectrum of HIV and AIDS information which covers topics on basic HIV and AIDS, treatment literacy, adherence, palliative care, care for carers, treatment preparedness, counseling, nutrition and positive living