Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Cruise claims "I'll eat placenta"

You have lost your fucking mind.

Tom Cruise has claimed he will eat the PLACENTA after fiancée Katie Holmes has their baby.

Of course, why not? Nothing brings a family closer than devouring the afterbirth like so sort of crazed zombie bastard.

The actor, 43 — who wants her to give birth in silence according to his Scientology cult rules — said: “I’m gonna eat the placenta, too.

Scientology may just be my new favorite crazy fucking religion. Why is it only Muslims who blow themselves up? Cruise here should really consider strapping on some ball bearings. I'll gladly sacrifice myself to save this planet from anymore insanity out of this moron.

“I thought that would be good. Very nutritious. I’m going to eat the cord and the placenta right there.”

For fucks sake psycho have an apple.

But when a GQ magazine interviewer said it would be a big meal, Cruise replied: “OK, maybe I won’t.”

You know, if you read my profile you'll see that I've been institutionalized five times in my life. It things like this that make me want to sue the state. How come Tom Cruise can take crazy to a level never achieved before But I can't?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

this Guy should be on the inside. How does this man make a living...
you mean to tell me, they can't get anybody else to play in MI.

April 18, 2006 12:38 PM  

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