Friday, March 10, 2006

US to close Abu Ghraib military prison

Just too many painful memories there for us...and I guess some Iraqis.
The American military said Thursday that within the next several months it planned to relocate all its detainees from Abu Ghuraib prison, the sprawling penal compound west of Baghdad that became notorious throughout the world after photographs were made public of American soldiers abusing Iraqi prisoners there.

I love how we're trying to make it sound like it was the PLACE that tortured those Iraqis and not the soldiers. It's that damn Abu Ghuraib prison, it's haunted, it's pure negative energy man. It just took us over.
You know, I've also come to realize that anything in the Middle East that starts with Abu is probably a bad thing.
Iraqi authorities have no intention of continuing to use Baghdad's Abu Ghraib prison after the U.S. military ends operations there.

Man, no one wants the torture prison anymore.
After the prisoner-abuse scandal became public, President Bush proposed razing the Abu Ghuraib complex, but an American military judge ordered that it be preserved as a crime scene.

Yeah that ought to solve the problem. Our soldiers forced Iraqis to strip naked, pile onto one another like firewood while being threatened with attack dogs so...we have to demolish the building. It's the building I tell you, not the soldiers, the building! Burn it to the ground and release the evil back to wear it came.


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just love the caption on this one Mad Man

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