Thursday, March 09, 2006

Alabama Church Fires Started 'As a Joke'

Oh...I get it. Funny.

Three college students suspected of setting fire to nine Baptist churches in Alabama have been arrested.

Who's laughing now?

Russell Debusk Jr., known as a prankster at Birmingham-Southern College, was arrested Wednesday in front of his roommate, Jeremy Burgess.

Man, all the religious people in Alabama just got Punked. Bam!

Ben Mosley, also a sophomore at Birmingham-Southern College, also was arrested in the case. Debusk and Mosley are aspiring actors, and, coincidentally, on the morning their arrest was announced, the school newspaper ran an article about the two sophomores being cast in an independent movie.

Well, they got the fucking moron act down to a science.

Instead, court papers say Debusk and Mosley — along with Matt Cloyd, a student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham — set the first church fire "as a joke." As the fire trucks raced by, they spontaneously decided to start four other fires.

So this officially proves that the American youth is fucking retarded. Do I blame TV. No, not really. Society? No, not that either. Music? Definitely not. You know who I blame? I blame the assholes who started the fires. Seems a perfect place to point the finger.


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