Saturday, February 18, 2006

No survivors found in Philippines

Whoa, what happened in the Philippines?

Rescuers found no new survivors on Saturday in an eastern Philippine village buried by a landslide, but officials remained hopeful that hundreds trapped under tons of mud were still alive.

Hundreds trapped under mud? That sucks. How long can one breathe under mud cause when a landslide is more of a snowslide, you know, an avalanche, you don't survive for very long. Hate to be the negative voice here but, well, you try reading the news every fucking day and see how positive an outlook you have. Been doing this for four months on now and there hasn't been even one happy ending.

At least 52 people have been confirmed dead in the disaster that practically wiped out Guinsaugon village.

Wiped out an entire village huh? See, there's no happy ending here.

The fatalities included a Briton identified as Rebor White, and a baby who died from severe injuries after being rescued.

Watch how depressing this story is going to get.
This story is rated SG-55. For people under 55 senior guidence is suggested. Do not read the rest of this article around sharp objects.

"We're only digging up dead bodies here, some even mutilated body parts," said army Corporal Gregorio de los Santos, one of the soldiers digging through the mud using only shovels, pickaxes or their bare hands.

That's a hopeful outlook.

"The stench of dead bodies is becoming overpowering," he added.

And in one sentence Mr. Santos paints us a wonderous picture of a foreign land. Thanks Mr. Santos.

Colonel Raul Farnacio, head of the army rescue contingent, said rescuers had to leave some dead bodies behind to continue searching for survivors. "There's just too many dead bodies," he said.

I'm going to stop now cause if I keep going I'm going to wind up on a watertower, overlooking a shopping mall. And I'll be throwing the people flowers and reciting poetry. What did you think I was going to say?


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Now you know why I don't read or watch the News usually.

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