Monday, January 23, 2006

Bush's Iran Options Limited by Iraq, Perils of Military Action

"Grave threat'' is how U.S. President George W. Bush described Iraq three years ago. Today he uses that same phrase -- to characterize Iran.

Well isn't it obvious that he's doing this alphabetically? It is true that Iran is turning out to be everything Iraq wasn't, or maybe wasn't, or was and isn't anymore or whatever the fuck is going on. Have we found Bin Laden yet?

The resemblance between these two standoffs ends with the rhetoric, analysts say. Iran and its nuclear program today are far more dangerous than Iraq's was, and U.S. options are far more limited.

This corner we've back ourselves into is uncomfortable.

As a result, the Bush administration is pursuing a markedly different approach than it did in 2003, when its diplomacy was aimed at lining up allies for a war. This time, U.S. diplomats are seeking an international consensus on how to proceed.

Yeah, we should have given Iraq a pass and went after Iran but who would have known there would be TWO dangerous people in power in the Middle East considering the region has been nothing but a roadmap or security and peace?
Is there a way to push America a little further away from the rest of world? It would really be in everyones benefit.


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