Monday, January 23, 2006

Russia accuses UK of spying

And his name is Bond...James Bond.

Russia accused Britain on Monday of running a spying operation in Moscow using a receiver hidden in a fake rock to gather secret information.

Wow...I was just kidding with the James Bond comment but, hidden receivers, fake rocks, well it actually sounds more like Spy Kids than James Bond.

Russia-based human rights bodies said the spy scandal may in fact be targeting them, following Russia's new curbs on the actions of non-governmental organization (NGO) pressure groups.

Where would one put a fake rock that could intercept intelligence information? Do the Russians hold secret meetings in the park? Or, like said above, maybe it's Russians spying on Russians and, oh boy this would make a cool video game. Isn't it nice to know that now, well after the cold war, no one trusts the Russians...not even other Russians.

President Vladimir Putin, himself a former KGB spy, has said the West is using NGOs as political instruments.

Putin's a former spy. Cool.


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