Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Jabs Don't Work on Fat-Bottomed Girls

But you can fend them off with a sharp right hook followed by a swift uppercut.

Talk about an eye grabbing headline. Right away I wondered, "Is this news article about violence towards fat girls or a clever way of grabbing my attention to explain to me something pointless." Well, it's kind of both, I guess.

Injections may not work on some patients because their bottoms are too big, doctors have warned. We finally get to some important information in the news. How embarrassing it must be to learn that the painkiller injection you just got is still lost somewhere in the huge cheek of your ass. I would guess it would be easier for the doctor to tell you your mother just died.

They found that needles cannot penetrate the layers of bottom fat of many patients, particularly women. Now's your chance guys. Now you can tell your women that they need to lose weight and honestly say it's for health purposes.


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