Tuesday, November 29, 2005

EUROMED Condemns Terrorism

Oh...well...I guess that means all you Islamic fanatics are going to have to find something else to do with your spare time. I like computer games.

EU Term President British Prime Minister Tony Blair has said, "We have achieved to agree to condemn in the most sever way any kind of terrorism. This is the first terrorism has been condemned to such extent.”
Now there's some fighting words. The leaders of 40 countries have "achieved to agree". Newsflash Tony, that's not a fucking achievment. I agree with people all day, and on much more controversal subjects than "Is terrorism bad?"
And you say it's the first time terrorism has been condemned to such extent. Why, because it's forty countries? Did you know your country was at war in Iraq for the battle against terrorism? (or so that's the reason we get)

Blair added the definition of "terrorism" will be specified by the United Nations
When did we start this fucking argument? Why do we need to define terrorism. Seems easy enough to describe it myself.

Terrorism: when you blow innocent people up to further the cause that only you and a handful of other nutcases care about.


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