Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Cops unveil plan to stop terrorists

And in the process tell the terrorists exactly what to do to avoid being stopped.

Miami police will announce today the creation of an initiative aimed at protecting malls, business districts and other so-called ''soft targets'' from possible terrorist attacks.
Dubbed ''Miami Shield,'' the initiative calls for small groups of uniformed and plainclothes officers to patrol potential target zones at random times, hopefully thwarting terrorists who rely on routines to coordinate attacks.

Why do we always feel the need to explain to the enemies exactly how we plan to beat them. It's like all these forensic science cop-dramas on television demonstrating the process of catching serial killers. If someone wanted to, they could take notes from that show and learn how to commit the perfect murders.

Can't we keep some of this shit to ourselves? Maybe, you know, throw the terrorists a curve ball and surprise them when we bust a sleeper cell because they didn't know about the plainclothed officer watching their every move.

Air Marshalls should have been a surprise too. It would have been funny to watch one of these radical suicidal hijackers try to get into a cockpit and get sixteen bullets slammed into his chest. (Those things are funny to me.) Surprise Ahmad, we have cops on planes now.

Doesn't the media realize that everytime they broadcast our plans we have to fucking change them because the terrorists are going to change theirs due to the broadcast? SHUT UP!!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mad Man,
isn't that the truth

November 30, 2005 1:03 PM  

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