Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Ambulance service receives emergency call every 8 seconds as Binge Britain welcomes in 2008

Now that's how you ring in a new year.

Binge-drinking revellers fuelled a chaotic start to 2008 as over-stretched ambulance workers battled to cope with emergency calls flooding in at a peak of one every eight seconds.

No better way to start the new year than in the hospital, clinging to life after alcohol poisoning. Remember people, thin line between celebrating and excusing excess.

In the capital alone the London Ambulance Service had to deal with its highest number of emergency calls since the Millennium - the majority related to excess alcohol.

Bet a lot of you British got lucky that night. And it seems a whole shitload of you didn't.

As midnight came and went there was mayhem as scores of drunken partygoers around the country tumbled into the streets, some wearing little more than their underwear.

You know, I'm starting to lose that whole uptight, refined image I had of the British. After this and the war videos I've seen of how they deal with Taliban fighters in Afghanistan, my hats off to you blokes, you're all out of your bloody minds.

Fights erupted and a string of dishevelled young men and women collapsed on benches and in doorways, too inebriated to remember or care that the night was supposed to be a celebration.

They are celebrating...gravity.


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